The Creative Teacher

This workshop for elementary school teachers focuses on the inclusion of arts-in-education techniques to increase learning, social dynamics and knowledge retention. Based on the understanding that what we do, we learn. This practice utilizes the benefits of experiential side of learning, self-inquiry, and peer to peer consultation.



Diving and Emerging


This course explores the crafting and performance of personal stories for growth and community. We will focus on strengthening our imagination, story structure, emotional impact and performance skills. The class will be a balance of listening, reflecting, crafting and sharing. Our intent is to deepen awareness of the power stories play in personal and communal intellectual, emotional, and social development. This class is for any level of experience. Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify universal themes through the personal experience.

  2. Employ varying methods of engaging the imagination.

  3. Listen and reflect upon the stories of others as a means of personal growth.

  4. Develop vocal, language and performance skills for maximum impact of the spoken word.

Pediatric Palliative Care for Caregivers







This  workshop helps therapists, nurses, doctors and family members use stories to fulfill the needs of the palliative are patient. First, we identify how stories address the physical, emotional, developmental and social needs of patients. Secondly, through simple exercises we identify the stories from our lives that meet these needs. Finally, we shape those stories with one another.  Stories are a powerful narrative medicine when other medicines prove ineffective.