Regi Carpenter ~ Courageous ~ Inspiring ~ Engaging

Soaring Stories employs the power of stories to help organizations and individuals experience and express a deeper connection to life’s joys and challenges in the home and workplace.

Regi Carpenter offers a big-hearted embrace of the world through her performances, educational presentations, organizational workshops, and creative coaching. Recognized as among the best in a talent-studded field, her clients include leaders in a wide range of industries, education and healthcare. Whether for business, education, creative expression or  healing, Regi tells and teaches stories with a purpose.

Regi is the recipient of the JJ Reneaux Emerging Artist Award, a Leonard Bernstein Teaching Fellowship Award, the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, the Parents’ Guide to Children’s Media Award and the Storytelling World Award. Her performance piece Snap! won the 2012 Boston StorySlam. A two-time featured performer at the National Storytelling Festival and three time performer at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Regi’s work has taken her throughout North and South America.


Regi’s vast repertoire brings the joy of stories to children and adults in a variety of venues from schools, libraries, private parties, festivals and social gatherings .

You don’t have to be a St. Lawrence “river rat” to be mesmerized by Regi Carpenter’s stories of home and family. It transcends time and space to embody the essence of good storytelling, connection: with each other, with our histories, and with our own humanity—deceptively imbedded in flat-out, full-tilt entertainment.  Caren Niele, Producer, Adventura Arts and Cultural Center, Adventura, Florida


Coaching others is a natural extension of over 15 years of performance experience. Her work helps individuals find their authentic voice and language to share well crafted and beautifully told stories. Executives and business people will learn how to effectively shape stories for any type of presentation.   Whether preparing for a performance or a fundraising speech, Regi helps you share your vision effectively and powerfully.

I’ve been speaking before small audiences my entire 35 year career…never with great ease or effectiveness. Through working with Regi I gained an understanding of how to “tell the story”. Because it’s really the stories of our lives and experiences that moves others to action. When Regi worked with me she stressed how a speaking engagement is like a conversation… engage others by the power of your story, rather than statistics and lingo. Regi…where have you been the past 35 years??  Susan D. Ottenweller, Executive Director, Better Housing for Tompkins County, Inc.

Regi has been teaching children, adults, and groups the art and craft of telling a story with a purpose for almost twenty years. Her teaching has allowed her to work with children, artists, educators,non-profit executives, and healthcare professionals.  Each one of us has a story to tell and that story has a purpose for the teller and the listener. Regi’s  teaching helps you find your voice and use it to effect the change you want to see in the world.

“Storytelling helped raise my confidence level and helped me feel comfortable performing in front of an audience. I learned my voice is powerful and that I should not be afraid to stand up and use it. You are an excellent teacher and I can truly say that you care for your students.”


Regi founded Stories with Spirit, a creative initiative dedicated to bringing songs of joy and stories of hope to palliative care patients, families and caregivers in homes, hospices, and hospitals based on a deep desire to use stories for social service. She is currently training medical professionals in the use of stories as narrative medicine to meet the holistic needs of their patients. She is also telling stories to children and their families to express the joys and challenges of people and families in palliative care.

Dynamic and illustrative. Really refreshing presentation, great to do something more experimental & interactive.